With the development and installation of a website or webshop there is always a bit of "technical after-care" like an explanation or training. We do not hesitate to to provide sufficient explanation so the client can edit and alter independently their own webiste or webshops. If the client want to go deeper into the matter in the form of training courses and workshops, of course we can provide in training and workshops. It can be either "in-house", orthrough by using online communication tools such as webconferencing or skype.

Due to the rapid developments and the availability of broadband internet, we are used to have online access to information in many forms like video, sound, animation, text, etc. However, there is much to gain in the field of online training and education. In the traditional way of training, classroom lessons and workshops, a lot of organization, availability of participants, travel ,technical facilities, etc. will be part of the planning. with the result that the workload and costs become higher than calculated.

This is the main reason that online courses and training have expanded enormously in recent years.  DTO Support can create, manage and developing online training material for you as well. We have extensive experience with various e-learning software en systems.

The advantage of an online learning management system is that your can grant staff and students specific access to parts of the system like forums, faq modules, but also for example, certificates (depending on student-achievements).

In addition, there are various ways to communicate online with your students. Through an extensive user rights system you can provide access to specific components and functions for communication with members, to mentors, teachers and students.

In addition to the platforms themselves, we also can assist in the development of trainingcontent such as animations, presentations, screencaptures, " mouseover illustrations", movies, soundtracks and other media. This to give the student an experience wich is higly effective, interesting and enjoyable as possible.

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